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Converticitus and other Islamic Terminology: A Prescription from Dr. Aalia

by Aalia aka Pink Pochahontas

Do you/or does someone you know suffer from converticitus? If you think you/they might, take a brief look at the symptoms mentioned below, as Dr. Aalia rambles off on her prescription pad:

Sudden loss of friends and family; caused by purposely isolating yourself from the "infidels"?

Treatment: Unless your family are being openly hostile to you and preventing you from doing your religious obligations, do not cause the first rift. Islam gives parents (Muslim or not) high priority, so try to restrain yourself from calling them "kaffirs". As for friends, they probably weren't your friends to begin with if they have started being mean to you now.

Frequent trips to any Middle Eastern market; due to the un-controllable desire to purchase anything that has to do with the Arabic culture?

Treatment: Hey now, save some of those dollars for your zakat! Becoming a Muslim doesn't mean you have to immerse yourself in the Arabic way of life (such as food & clothing), but the Islamic one. Trust me, it's better. The biggest barrier in the way of Islam right now is people confusing culture with the religion. Arab doesn't equal Muslim.

Sensing a heavy or over-heated feeling, especially after getting all dressed to go out?

Treatment: Most likely attributed to the 5 layers of black clothing you have just put on. Remember, just because someone at the mosque told you that all women need to be covered head to toe in black Saudi abayas, doesn't mean you have to! Yes, khimar (the headscarf commonly referred to as hijab) and jilbab (the overgarment) is obligatory and the face-veil is wonderful (and who doesn't love spoiling herself with a beautiful abaya) but take it step by step. You should be able to understand the meaning of your clothing and answer questions about why you wear it before you wear it on a full-time basis.

Experiencing moodswings and a tightening in your chest? Usually brought on by not knowing what you follow or how to handle the new life as a Muslim.

Treatment: Relax, take a deep breath. Becoming Muslim makes life easy, not hard. Read the Book of Allah, learn how to pray & get aquainted with the 5 Pillars of Faith, then find reliable information regarding anything you might be wondering. No need to memorize every single book someone hands you right away, thinking you MUST do it now or be sinned.

As for women who encounter a sudden rush of marriage proposals: Can be easily treated by a declaration of "NO THANK-YOU".

All of the above symptoms can be easily cured by taking it easy, learning at your own pace and making supplications to Allah. Learning how to pray as soon possible guarantees maximum comfort and eases feelings of conflict.

Warning: Failure to follow the prescribed treatment may lead to a dangerous level of Converticitus. Outcomes include depression, major headaches, gut-aches and the worst of all, leaving Islam. Do not mix with alcohal, drugs or any other harmful , haraam & forbidden substances.
***This post is meant to be funny and might not make sense to some (as many things from my brain do not), but if you find you really are suffering from Converticitus, please speak to a trusted source, preferably someone from the Muslim community. Also, I am in no way making fun of the ladies who wear niqab, the illustration is just showing a new Muslimah who suddenly covers everything without getting to know the reason behind it. I'll let Intisar go back to her purple dua-tang of notes I made for her when I heard she first reverted on Islamic Terminology. __________________________________________________
As a newbie/baby Muslimah you probably feel like you're on overload. Islamic Terminology I feel you've gotta understand at this point so you can make sense of what we're saying on A Girl's Guide:

Allah= God (without equal or offspring)

Tauhid=faith in one God
Aqueedah=The firm creed that one's heart is fixed upon without any wavering or doubt. It excludes any supposition, doubt or suspicion. It is Iman in Tauhid.
Ahkam= Legal status in Islamic Law
The five kinds of legal status in Islam
1.) Wajib or Fard= Cumpulsory requirement
2.) Mustahabb= Recommended but not cumpulsory (often a sunnah/sunnan)
3.) Makruh= Disliked but not forbidden
4.) Muharram or more simply, Harram=forbidden
5.) Halal= lawful and allowed

Qu'ran= the literal word of Allah taught to Mohammed His Prophet through the angel Jibreel (Gabriel)

Shirk=to associate partners with Allah---to practice shirk is to remove one's self from Islam and the mercy of Allah
S.W.T= When writing the name of Allah, Muslims often follow it with the abbreviation "SWT." These letters stand for the Arabic words "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala," which translates to "Glory to Him, the Exalted." Muslims use these or similar words to glorify God when mentioning His name. Pronunciation: sub-han'-a-hoo wa ta a la

Mohammed= the last Prophet of Allah SWT from a long line of Prophets such as Jesus, Abraham, and Moses.

S.A.W= When writing the name of the Prophet Mohammed, Muslims often follow it with the abbreviation "SAW". These letters stand for the Arabic words "salla Allah alaihi wa sallam", meaning "may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him." It is a standard Muslim expression of love and respect for the Prophet. "May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him" is usually said whenever the name of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) is mentioned or read

Bid'a= an innovation to the practice of Islam, always haraam.

Daleel= Islamic evidence from either the Qu'ran or sahih ahadith.

Sahih= authentic, usually in reference to hadith. It means the hadith has a direct chain of narration to the one who is said to be speaking.

Hadith= a collected saying or action of the Prophet Mohammed S.A.W that has been recorded. If it is Sahih it is a form of daleel.

Ahadith= plural of hadith.

Kuffar= those who practice polyethism and reject the idea of one God.

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